Rethinking MRI by

Shaping Magnetic Fields

What we do

Our vision is to create better images for all MRI scanners.

We are a medical device company focused on magnetic

field homogeneity for MRI applications.

Our products are made with the principle that medical

devices should:

  • Bring value to the user;

  • Be intuitive and easy-to-use;

  • Be robust and safe.

We provide solutions for all magnetic field strengths, all MRI vendors, and both animal and human applications.

We constantly develop and improve our products with the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Inhomogeneous magnetic field

Homogeneous magnetic field

How it works

MRI scanners rely on a homogeneous magnetic field for good quality images. The process of homogenising magnetic fields is called shimming.

Since electrical currents generate magnetic fields, the magnetic field distortions in MRI scanners can be corrected using shim coils.

We design and manufacture cutting-edge shim coils and shim amplifiers leveraging industry 4.0 technology and a range of other products to improve the performance of MRI scanners.

Our Research is Supported by: