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Magnetic Field Shimming

MR Shim GmbH

A turn-key hardware system to improve magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Achieve signal recovery and less distortion with dynamic field homogenisation.


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Recover signal in pre-frontal, temporal and deep brain areas.



Siemens Prisma 3T

TE=30ms; 25 x 25 x 25 mm

Enhance data retention

Reduce MRI scan repetitions and enhance data retention and utilisation with robust scan acquisitions.

Make groundbreaking scientific discoveries

Make groundbreaking scientific DISCOVERIES with higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and complete signal recovery.

Leverage dynamic and real-time shimming

Leverage DYNAMIC and real-time shimming to correct for physiological changes and advanced field homogenisation techniques.

Imaging applications in humans
Imaging applications in small animals

WIDE-VARIETY of products for neuro- and body-imaging applications in humans and small animals at all field strengths (0.05T to 11.7T).

How it works

Use Cases

Our Products

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We provide a wide range of shimming services and customisations to existing B0 shim systems upon customer request.

Custom specifications

Integrated RF/shim coil, stronger amplifiers, etc.

Passive shimming

Simulation and consultation for passive shimming

Body region

Tailored shim systems for specific applications

Field strengths

Customisable to any field strength and MRI scanner

Small animals

Local shim array for small animal imaging

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