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Shim amplifier


Shim current amplifiers (8 channels).

CAUTION: Not a medical device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

Jupiter is a current amplifier for shimming magnetic fields. The amplifier is air-cooled and fits into a standard 19" rack. The amplifier has 8 channels and each channel provides +/- 4A (steady-state) and +/- 24V. Each amplifier can be easily daisy-chained to other Jupiter amplifiers and is therefore scalable to higher channels (128 channels or more) while retaining high performance.

The amplifier uses an industrial Ethernet protocol to transfer data at 100Mbits/s. All channels can be updated in ~0.25ms which makes it suitable for dynamic and real-time shimming applications. The amplifier has automatic fault detection and temperature monitoring for safety. The status of the amplifier is monitored in real-time and provides continuous feedback to the operator.

Example Use-cases

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