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Active soft shim coil pad


Active shim coils can be embedded either in an innovative lattice elastic holder (left) or in soft foam cushions (right).

CAUTION: Not a medical device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

Ersa is an active soft shim coil pad for B0 shimming in small localised areas. A current source is required to drive the coils (similar to other active B0 shim coils). The shim coil can have between 2 to 8 shim elements (depending on the customer's request). The shim coil is compatible with all magnetic field strengths including (but not limited to) 1.5T, 3T, 7T and 9.4T.

The shim elements are optimised to minimise induced e.m.f. and eddy currents while maximising efficiency. A typical application for Ersa is for B0 shimming close to implants (e.g. cochlear implants) where strong localised magnetic field inhomogeneities are caused by the implant.

Example Use-cases

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