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Dia 7T

Body shim coil array

Dia 7T

Body shim coil (16 or 24 shim elements) for 7T MRI scanners compatible with all body RF coils.

CAUTION: Not a medical device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

The Dia 7T is a shim coil array for body imaging at 7T MRI scanners. The shim coil has different realisations with either 16, or 24 shim elements. A custom number of shim elements can be manufactured upon customer request. The shim coil is compatible with all body RF coils.

The shim coil features a semi-flexible design to accomodate patients of all sizes. It has multiple modules for ease-of-installation and easy detachment. Each module is thin (~25mm) and light-weight (~0.7kg). Half the modules are attached to the patient bed (underneath the patient) and half the modules are strapped on top of the body RF coil. The shim coil is optimised to have minimal impact on the RF coil performance. The shim elements are also optimised to minimise induced e.m.f. and eddy currents while maximising efficiency.

Example Use-cases

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